Button badge as promotional gift

There are many ideas that we can come up with as promotional gifts for our company or products. Everyone who has enough experience with marketing knows how important it is to invest in giving people something for free in order to get them to come back as your customers. There is nothing that people like more than to get an item that is free of charge and they can be reminded of the services that you offer with it.

Button badge with full color printing and and lamination

Pin Badge or button badge is a great idea for a promotional gift because you can have an awesome campaign strategy with it. Let’s say you go to a convention or a business expo. You could hire models to go out there and start putting the badges on peoples clothing. It’s much easier for women to persuade people, not just males but people in general seem to be more receptive with females. You could also hire a man to hand out the badges to women if you want, but the idea is that you get as many people as you can to be wearing the badge so that they will become promoters of your business during the time they spend at the convention and this is extremely powerful promotion.

You need to take advantage of every opportunity you might have to promote your business with this kind of gifts. You could also ask permission at the mall to hand out the badges to people who walk by and check out your services. Remember that every person that carries the button for the rest of their day, are going to be promoting your business at the same time. Make sure that it stands out and displays your logo in a big and colorful way that will make it much easier for people to notice it.

If you are looking the pin badge or button badge supplier for an event,  look no further, we are the only button badge manufacturer in Malaysia that able to provide you high quality button badge printing with competitive pricing. Please contact us at 03-80703828 for inquiry. Button Badge Fridge Magnet is our new addition of the of the product list. Please check it on our website here.

Please read the below ordering information for your knowledge and reference.

Important Ordering Information

Minimum order quantity
Minimum order quantity for button badges with personalized printing is 50pcs. If possible, please consider 100pcs as the price difference between 50pcs and 100pcs is very much different. We are able to offer button badge sizes for 32mm, 44mm and 58mm at this stage.

Button Badge pricing – All pricing listed here is exclusive delivery fee and 6% GST charge. Prices shown are unit price with inclusive all required printing media. Please refer button badge pricing section for further information.

Confirmation Order
We need written confirmation by email/fax and 50% deposit to proceed the order. We DO NOT accept verbal confirmation to avoid misunderstanding communication. We will not refund the deposit after the order is confirmed and buyer cancelled the order due to certain reasons.

Printing Color button badge
There are no printing color limitation of the button badge as it is printed digitally using 4 colors CMYK process. The amount of printing colors will not affect the pricing of the unit price. In fact, we suggest full color printing with toning to maximize the output effect of the button badge.

Artwork Format
We required ai (adobe illustrator) or eps(adobe photoshop) format for maximum output printing quality. Please send us high resolution digital image file (jpeg,png,bmp) if you do not have the vector file. The printing output is greatly depends on the file format used and resolution of the digital images file provided. Please refer this artwork guideline for understanding.

Button Badge mock up printing
We can provide mock up printing sample for confirmation before the mass production. Confirmation can be done via photo or self collect the mock up sample at our office.

Button Badge lead time
Normally, the lead time for the button badge is ranging from 1 week to 3 weeks depending on the quantity ordered and workload of our workers during the ordering period. However, we do accept rush order with terms and conditions apply.

Safety Disclaimer
The metal pin behind the button badge is sharp and it required careful handling when user pin the badge onto the cloth. We do not held responsibility for any injuries caused by the handling of the button badge.

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How button badges useful on political campaigns?

Those who become involved in political campaigns find these activities to be stressful and always full of trouble. For one, there are so many things to manage and organize that there seems little time to accomplish them all. However, help is at hand.

If you are working as a campaign manager, or if you are the person running for public office, then you ought to get yourself a button badge. These kind of promotional button badges are critical in rallying support and getting the campaign message out. Button badge also acknowledge relevant issues and you don’t need to spend too much money to get the word out. If you are a campaign manager then that is certainly music to your ears.

button badges printing for political events

Sample button badges for political events

In any political campaign, the volunteers are an important part of the campaign. They devote their precious time and they contribute significantly in order to help their candidates win. If you distribute campaign button badges to your volunteers and they wear them during the rallies they serve as effective and rather inexpensive nametags.
You can easily make button badges that contain the name of the candidates, the party affiliation, and date of the election as well. This is helpful in introducing the candidate to the general public. When doing door to door campaigning, volunteers can display the button badges and introduce the candidate to the electorate. Button badge may seem mighty but they can effectively send the message across, especially if they are done right.

During political campaigns, button badges also can be distributed to the crowd. Rallies are very high profile events and button badge can make the candidate and the campaign slogan more visible, especially if more people are wearing them. These button badge may also be used during fundraising events, debates, speeches and other campaign-related events. Button badge are indispensable when it comes to increasing name recognition during election season.

Voter education is an essential component of any election campaign. A candidate can make use of button badge to publicize his or her stand on issues during the race. For example, buttons that say “Vote FOR BN” is a fast and effective way of communicating to the electorate what the candidate’s point of view is. Button badges can also be used to encourage people to go out and vote on Election Day. This is perhaps one of the most important messages that candidates ought to send out during the campaign. For example, a pin button stating something like “Vote on Feb 21” can be worn by the candidate, volunteers and other supporters to highlight the importance of exercising the right to suffrage.

button badge for political campaigns

Sample button badge with printing for political events

Button badges are indeed indispensable in increasing a candidate’s chance of winning a political race. To further maximize the use of button badge, the name of activist groups and other organizations that support the candidate can be placed as well. This might sway the voting public to the candidate’s side. These button badges clearly state that the candidate supports the group and the cause that it stands for. For example, “Fatimah Supports Local Commerce” on a button might convince others that the candidate is worth supporting as well. The supportive organization will also feel that their role in the campaign is acknowledged, thus encouraging all their members to continue supporting the candidate in return. After election year, these buttons become treasured keepsakes.
Since the importance of encouraging people to vote on Election Day cannot be stressed enough, one way to remind them of their duty is to distribute button badge with the candidate’s name that says “I Voted.” They can proudly wear this after the exercising their right. All the staff and volunteers must be encouraged by the campaign manager to wear this button, which can also contain the date of the election. When given a few days prior to the day itself, it serves as another reminder for them how important their civic responsibility is.

Button badges are cost effective as compare to other promotional items like umbrella, cap and T-shirt. This is why many candidates use them during the campaign period. They play a significant role in getting the message across, encouraging civic duty, and helping a candidate achieve his or her political goals. Please contact us if you would like to make promotional button badges. We are your trusted button badge supplier in Malaysia.

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What is button badge?

You have probably seen people who are wearing a big button that is obviously not part of their shirt and stands out with a graphic of some sort. This is a very practical way for people to advertise something in their clothing. The promotion of a campaign is also another important use for these badges. It can also be very useful when people are going to a convention or a large gathering. They allow people to easily tell who each person is working with and this makes it easier to start conversations with them. Think of a button badge as the most practical way to display something on your body with a message, logo or concept.

In Malaysia, button badge supplier is normally referring as “pembekal button badge” or “pemborong button badge”. There are many different suppliers offering different type of button badge quality.  Some suppliers might use low quality printing paper and printer that yield low resolution printing output.  Customers have to be careful when selecting suppliers for this purpose.

Button Badge Equipment

Rotary button badge machine Button badges can be made in several ways. One of the most affordable and easy to use is the adjustable rotary cutter. You could also use a volume cutter press which is much more powerful and allows for more work to get done a lot faster and cutting them by hand with a simple paper cutter is also a good way to go about this if you are making only a few of them. This is the basics of how a button badge graphic is cut to fit the actual badge.

Button badge cutter machine

We are now going to focus on the materials for your badge. You will require some metal shells, collets and spring pins. These are the supplies you require in combination with the machine that creates the final product. Button making machines are very practical and affordable, so it should be no problem for you to get one if you are planning on producing large amounts of the buttons.

Button badge Advantageous

58mm button badgeThere are five things that make the button badges very useful. They are practical and very easy to manufacture, they provide promotion for anything you wish to display. You promote faster communication with other people and you can also use them as a gift for someone you care about. The badge goes on your shirt and is usually attached with a pin. Some of them have been made with clips instead for those who wish to keep their clothing intact.

Our operation is very transparent, we use only quality equipment, printing media and knowledgeable workers to produce good quality button badge for your requirement. Please feel free to contact us at 03-80703828 for the inquiry.

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Door gift for product launching

Launching a product is a very important thing that requires that you work hard to make sure that people actually get to know what you or your company does. This is why it’s so important to design a proper campaign that will allow you to make the best out of the release of any product. If you take the time to make a very professional and powerful product, you will start to see just how big of a difference it makes in the amount of people who will become aware of your services and this is the key to success in any business.

button badge pin on uniform during product launching

Creating a good button badge is going to be crucial if you want to use it as a promotional gift. There are many things you need to consider when you have the buttons made. First of all you should make sure that the graphics and fonts that you will use in your badge will be easy to see for those who are looking at the button from a certain distance. This means that you need to be creative with the kind of colors and graphics that you are going to use. Make the button as clear and direct as you can. The most important thing is that something about the badge attracts the attention of people immediately a when they look at the person wearing it.

If you are going to launch your product with a button badge as the promotional gift, you have to hand them out in as many locations as you can and you will get great results. Once people take the badge off they will probably keep it and this will be a reminder of your business when they see it. Any kind of gift is a good idea, but a button badge is an even better way to stand out from the rest

Knowing the tremendous benefit of the button badge during the product launching, please give us a call at 03-80703828 if you would like to personalize the pin badge for your company.

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