Button Badge Fridge Magnet

Button Badge Fridge Magnet

Are you looking for fridge magnet supplier in Malaysia with personalized printing? Button badge fridge magnet is our latest addition to the list as promotional gift. Fridge magnet in button shape available in the size of 44mm and 58mm. It is constructed with strong magnetic element at the behind to stick on the metal part. It can be printed with full color printing on one side.

Button badge fridge magnet with full color printing

Button Badge Fridge Magnet

Below is our competitive pricing for the Button badge fridge magnet.

Button badge fridge magnet pricingFridge Magnet became famous nowadays because of the advantages that it gives when it comes to publicizing a certain product or business and aside from the smile that it gives to the receiver, you are also promoting your business that is why marketing experts are fond in describing this strategy as hitting two birds in one stone, just like the famous saying goes. There are different kinds of promotional gift and some of those are tumblers, mugs, laptop bag, and many more but the promotional gift that gained utmost popularity that positively impacted several businesses is the fridge magnet.

There are numerous reasons why fridge magnet standout and some of those are:

Low cost – Unlike laptop bags, umbrella, shirts, and any other quite expensive promotional products, fridge magnet is definitely cheaper but the great thing about it is despite the cost, it provides the same or even exceeds the outcome of other promotional products or marketing strategies. It is indeed one of the most affordable yet effective ways in promoting a particular product or business.

Well exposed – Majority of people get fridge magnets as souvenirs whenever they travel in certain places that is why visitors are fond of looking at them all the time and since your product would be included on the display you are sure to enjoy maximum exposure everyday and in any special occasion. Looking at it once might not get the result that you want but because people surely checks their fridge several times a day, your business or service is sure to be remembered. So make sure to include your contact numbers and branches on it.

Goodwill – Promotional gifts may be given in exchange of years of patronage, loyalty, or advertisement but whatever the cause is, the receiver would surely feel extra special and valued whenever they receive one, which might result to numerous recommendations, positive feedback, and more years of support. A simple fridge magnet can absolutely make a lot of difference that is beneficial to your business.

Flexibility – When you say fridge magnet, it should not always be just a display on the fridge but you can also make it a bottle opener, small frame, and many more. It is certainly one of the finest qualities of this item, you can make it multi functional and turn it into other useful things so it would not only be a great thing to look at but can also be a thing of use.

Those are some of the benefits why fridge magnet standout other kind of promotional gifts. Some people might think that investing in such things is just a waste of time and money that there are lots of other ways to promote their business. However, it does not always have to be expensive and glamorous, sometimes a simple promotional gift is just what you need in order to effectively promote your product or business and thank your valued customers for their business, it is a small thing that can greatly contribute to your company’s success.