What is button badge?

You have probably seen people who are wearing a big button that is obviously not part of their shirt and stands out with a graphic of some sort. This is a very practical way for people to advertise something in their clothing. The promotion of a campaign is also another important use for these badges. It can also be very useful when people are going to a convention or a large gathering. They allow people to easily tell who each person is working with and this makes it easier to start conversations with them. Think of a button badge as the most practical way to display something on your body with a message, logo or concept.

In Malaysia, button badge supplier is normally referring as “pembekal button badge” or “pemborong button badge”. There are many different suppliers offering different type of button badge quality.  Some suppliers might use low quality printing paper and printer that yield low resolution printing output.  Customers have to be careful when selecting suppliers for this purpose.

Button Badge Equipment

Rotary button badge machine Button badges can be made in several ways. One of the most affordable and easy to use is the adjustable rotary cutter. You could also use a volume cutter press which is much more powerful and allows for more work to get done a lot faster and cutting them by hand with a simple paper cutter is also a good way to go about this if you are making only a few of them. This is the basics of how a button badge graphic is cut to fit the actual badge.

Button badge cutter machine

We are now going to focus on the materials for your badge. You will require some metal shells, collets and spring pins. These are the supplies you require in combination with the machine that creates the final product. Button making machines are very practical and affordable, so it should be no problem for you to get one if you are planning on producing large amounts of the buttons.

Button badge Advantageous

58mm button badgeThere are five things that make the button badges very useful. They are practical and very easy to manufacture, they provide promotion for anything you wish to display. You promote faster communication with other people and you can also use them as a gift for someone you care about. The badge goes on your shirt and is usually attached with a pin. Some of them have been made with clips instead for those who wish to keep their clothing intact.

Our operation is very transparent, we use only quality equipment, printing media and knowledgeable workers to produce good quality button badge for your requirement. Please feel free to contact us at 03-80703828 for the inquiry.

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